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Activated Carbon Manufacturing Methods

Songshan Activated Carbon Co., Ltd

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Activated Carbon Manufacturing Methods

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Activated charcoal is used  for many kinds of poison. You can make your own activated
carbon at home with the proper equipment. Activated carbon is a processed, porous version
of carbon that has various kinds of uses, especially adsorption and chemical reaction
needs .

Carbonization is the process of taking the carbon material and converting it to pure
carbon through high temperature heating. This heating process comes from an ancient
technique for making charcoal. Very dense carbonaceous material is used in the beginning,
because the end result needs to be extra-porous for activated carbon purposes. After the
high tempreature of heatingg, what remains is usually about 20 percent  to 30 percent of
the beginning weight consisting of mainly carbon and a small part of inorganic ash.

Physical Method

The Physical or Steam Activation Process is known for yielding higher quality activated
carbon. However, due to the amount of heat necessary to produce activated carbon using
this method, it is more expensive and requires industry manufacturing.

Physical Activation, or Steam Activation, places a carboneous source material such as
wood, coal, petroleum pitch or even coconut shells in a tank without oxygen, and pyrolizes
them at a high temperature. All of the volatile compounds are removed, as layer after
layer of carbon atoms are pealed off, enlarging the internal pores and leaving behind a
carbon skeleton. By decreasing the number of carbon atoms, the internal surface area of
the material is increased.

Chemical Method
Chemical activation has the advantages of shorter production time and lower temperatures
required to produce activated carbon. In chemical treatment, the process is slightly
different from other methods of actiavted carbon making. For example, carbonization and
chemical activation occur simultaneously. The material is carbonized and then activated.
However, some heating processes cause trace elements from the bath to adsorb to the
carbon, which can result in impure or ineffective active carbon. This process results in a
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Powdered Activated Carbon

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